New partnership creates commercial value for leading bank in Asia

Business challenge

As part of the launch of a new customer membership programme, the retail client charged Tecsa with delivering a closer alliance with their existing credit card partner. The two companies had a longstanding partnership offering great value to the client's customers through a variety of promotional techniques, including frequent discount days, and loyalty points on credit card spend, which could be redeemed for money off at the host retailer. The discount days were especially popular, driving retailer traffic and spend. The client's customer base was a valuable segment for the bank, actively earning and redeeming loyalty points.

Both parties acknowledged, however, there was significant potential value to be realised. The planned launch of a new programme gave both parties the opportunity to review the partnership and explore:


  • how to drive increased customer value
  • how to improve the customer experience
  • how to forge a closer and more profitable strategic alliance 
  • how to maximise both partners’ data assets for mutual benefit


Tecsa led the client team, as it sought to redesign the partnership, customer proposition and renegotiate the commercial agreement between both parties. Our approach aimed to secure a deeper strategic alignment between both partners, underpinned by a solid business case. We developed detailed proposals in each of four key areas…

Immersion - a deep understanding of each partner’s business model, market context, strategic priorities and current programme performance.

Proposition Design - putting the customer at the heart of the partnership, designing a proposition that focussed on driving greater value while rethinking customer journeys for the best possible experience.

Financial Modelling - creating a detailed model to forecast the economic value to each partner, running scenario analyses to forecast sensitivities and risks, leading to well-structured commercial terms for a clear win-win relationship.

Commercial Terms - ensuring alignment of interest across key areas such as pricing, performance criteria, IP and data ownership, exclusivity.

Our unique track record in structuring partnerships helped the client and their banking partner increase their commitment with a clear view of the significant upside that collaboration would bring.



Following the launch of the new programme, the credit card issuer saw a six-times increase in new card applications, and a far higher spend on the card. The re-focused partnership allowed the client to offer much more value to customers, seeing increased engagement, loyalty and spend across their stores. 

Lead partners and consultants:

Tony Buffin
Dave Battiston

Project Insight

A six-fold increase in new card applications