Strategy informed by customer data. Practically applied. Operationally delivered.

More data, better analysed, is defining the winners.

We help consumer businesses gather and make best use of their customer data. Driving success through a hands-on analytical approach, modifying propositions based on data-driven customer feedback.

Assisting our clients in the design, implementation and configuration of bespoke membership programmes, we enhance customer marketing plans, build analytics capability and drive actionable insight. We achieve this through our deep understanding of grocery, retail, financial services, telcos, travel and service industries.

Tecsa Solutions Worldwide

Tecsa has a network of consultants in all major territories globally.
Wherever you are, chances are we’ll have a Tecsa consultant based near you.

  • Suzanne Bailey
    Dave Battiston
    Tony Buffin
    Gerard Whelan
    Jonathan Bolden
    Richard Campbell
    Phil Evason
    Monica Le
    Mrin Menon
    Anthony Morris
    Brent Reynolds
    Mark Sage
    Julie Scarth

We harness our clients’ customer data to power growth and increase profitability. We use data to modify propositions and communicate offers which are personalised for every customer.

Understanding best-in-class tech allows us to give independent advice on the best solutions for every client, irrespective of size or industry.

Organising and accessing multiple layers of complex data has never been more important. We help our clients structure this data and decipher patterns to help them deliver better for their customers, every day.

We work with consumer-facing companies, in and on your business.
We help you plan, craft and refine systems, identifying and phasing in processes efficiently.
Select expert teams, deployable anywhere in the world. Helping build team capability.
Operational experience in businesses like yours, we drive results quickly.
Our Leadership Team
A team of industry experts who have led multiple data and operational businesses around the world, all used to bringing about change and making a meaningful impact. We put customer data at the heart of proposition and business transformation.

We believe that owning your data, analysing it better and developing personal relationships with all your customers will define your success.
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"We called in Tecsa consultants to help us accelerate the development - and launch - of yuu, the biggest customer rewards club in Hong Kong. The Tecsa team have been there, seen it all - and have done it all. They were a crucial part of the team that launched a hugely successful customer programme that is already making a very significant impact on our business."
Ian McLeod, CEO Dairy Farm International Holdings