Tecsa what we do

Helping businesses build deeper connections with their customers. Through data.

The way we work...

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to help them define and gather new sources of data. Informing customer-centric decisions that build deep, personal engagement.

We assist in defining customer data strategy. Assembling and analysing data, using it to communicate in a resonant and personal way. Our legacy is to equip our clients with self-sufficiency, transferring our knowhow as we build their capability to underpin their transformation. We always place customer data at the heart of decision-making.

Sharing The Journey
The business world is one where engagement truly counts. And does so at every stage of every process. We know it’s vital we ensure our clients connect with their audience. But it’s equally important that our consultants connect with the people they are working with. Finding that equality of footing, of matched effort and of shared goals is what powers success.
How can we work together?

Understanding more about the Tecsa offer.

Our teams work with clients across all disciplines, but for ease we have arranged our business into five key areas of focus. We also have a network of Partners, and we will call on that network when we need to provide highly specialised advice.

Our support and advice is independent and objective. We believe that our clients should own their customer data, their analytics capability, and all their digital communication channels. These fundamental beliefs mean we can offer the best solutions to every client, helping them transform their customer propositions, creating new streams of revenue.

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With decades of experience in membership programme development, Tecsa teams have developed, launched, operated, and delivered some of the largest global membership programmes.

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Understanding the value of your customer data and traffic is critical. Tecsa helps you create and establish new partnerships, enabling you to access larger customer pools and create new revenue streams.

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Holding masses of data is one thing, asking the right questions of it is something completely different. Our confidence in our ability to organise and interrogate massive and complex databases has seen us deliver better and deeper results from existing data sources, previously underexploited.

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We have written industry-defining programmes for some of the world's most progressive businesses. Programmes that benefit clients and customers equally. We share our knowhow, code and algorithms with you so you can embed them in your systems, driving sustainable change.

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